Brow threading or waxing??

From the age of 12 I’ve always gotten my eyebrows threaded and over time my face has basically become numb to the pain. Which I am forever grateful for. However, this past weekend I decided to take a gamble and get my very FIRST brow wax. I have to say it was a very weird sensation. I had always been used to getting my arms or legs waxed but the feeling of my face getting waxed was very different. Now, while I can only speak from my personal experience and mine might not be like other people’s since I have been blessed with naturally thick brows, but I do see a slight difference between threading and waxing.

When I look in the mirror now I see a bold brow. However, when I look back at old pictures after I had gotten my brows done, I see a thinner bold brow. Between the two I don’t have a favorite since they both get the job done and give me a similar brow but I think my next method of grooming the brows will probably be decided based on the kind of brow look I want to go for.