First Impressions on (almost) Full Face


Eyeshadow – For my transition color I used Naked2 from the Naked Basic Palette and then I put Warm Taupe from the Modern Renaissance Palette. All over the eye though I dabbled in a new palette called the Glam Metals Crown Pro Palette and picked Rock On. While the shadow was glittery, it wasn’t messy and so it provided a beautiful gold pigment on my eye.

Mascara – I skipped eyeliner for this look and went straight into mascara. I know I’m probably REALLY late to jump on the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara but I tried it out for the first time and I can now say I see the hype. The mascara gives a beautiful volumizing effect to my already full lashes.

Brows- I used Wander Beauty’s micro brow pencil in Dark Brown. I outlined the edges of my brows and also lightly filled them in.

Primer – I used NARS Smooth & Protect Primer. Being someone who isn’t very used to sunscreen being in my primers, the texture was thick and left a slight white cast on my face. However, my foundation applied beautifully on top of it.

Foundation – NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation. Performed how I would expect it to. My previous blog was a review on this if you want to check it out.

Highlighter – I’ve seen so many people use this highlighter but it was the first time I could get my hands on it and the Mary-Lou Manizer didn’t let me down. It was a bold but also subtle highlight that gave a fresh glow to the face. It was applied at the top of my cheekbones, tip of the nose and the bridge as well.

Lips – I outlined with my MAC Burgundy lip pencil and then I filled it in with the Girlactik Beauty Matte Lip Paint in Demure and LOVED the combination.

I absolutely loved all the products I tried out today and I would 100% recommend them.

New NARS foundation review

Ironically, one of my favorite foundations (Too Faced Born this Way in Sand) ran out and NARS just dropped a new foundation and you know I had to try out the foundation. After getting the foundation, I feel like it’s a fuller coverage sister to Sheer Glow. However, I am absolutely in LOVE with this foundation. 3 pumps and my full face is covered. Now, it claims to be transfer proof and I found that it didn’t transfer onto my pillow or a lot of things, but I don’t think it’s 100% transfer proof. Also, I did sleep in the foundation to see it’s longevity and unfortunately it did break down in some places, however, it is quite a long lasting foundation! The foundation also gives your skin a natural full coverage rather than it looking matte and cakey and it also comes with a built-in pump, unlike Sheer Glow.

I would give this foundation a 5/5 and my shade is Vanuatu!

The REAL deal with hyperpigmentation

Acne is taboo in some situations. We all have had at least a zit or two but no one ever actually talks about it. I have been struggling with acne since I was 12 years old and I remember looking around and seeing none of my peers having the same issues I was. I would pop my zits and then it would leave scars on my face. I was so embarrassed about the scars that at 13 I started trying out different concealers to hide my scarring (none of them matching my skin because LOL drugstore colors matching a brown girl) and then by the time I was 15 I had a full face of foundation on because that was the only way I would feel beautiful. I carried around a lot of shame for my scarred skin and that continued for years. It probably wasn’t until my third year of college and I was 21 years old that I started going out to the grocery store without makeup and hanging out with friends and not wearing makeup. I finally felt OKAY with my scarring and being proud of how far I had come from when it at all started.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering where this story is going and I promise there’s more to it. I think as a woman of color struggling with it I need to bring more awareness about this because people should be PROUD of their skin. Back in my senior year of high school my acne had calmed down and I was seeing a dermatologist who was recommending products to me and I took her word because she was a brown woman and obviously would know what would work for my hyperpigmentation. However, this past break I was talking to my aesthetician (Challis Stephans if you’re in the Redmond, WA area she’s the BEST!) and we were discussing products for women of color for hyperpigmentation and I found out that the products my original dermatologist had recommended were actually wrong for brown women, that’s why they never worked LOL. I realized even if someone is a similar skin tone to me unless they actually have struggled with the same issues, they won’t actually know what would work. The reasoning behind hyperpigmentation is due to the extra melanin in your skin, which I found interesting since that extra melanin is also what gives you a natural layer of protection from the sun.

I really hope this brought some awareness to something people should embrace. They are YOUR battle scars and no one else can understand your struggle.

Brow threading or waxing??

From the age of 12 I’ve always gotten my eyebrows threaded and over time my face has basically become numb to the pain. Which I am forever grateful for. However, this past weekend I decided to take a gamble and get my very FIRST brow wax. I have to say it was a very weird sensation. I had always been used to getting my arms or legs waxed but the feeling of my face getting waxed was very different. Now, while I can only speak from my personal experience and mine might not be like other people’s since I have been blessed with naturally thick brows, but I do see a slight difference between threading and waxing.

When I look in the mirror now I see a bold brow. However, when I look back at old pictures after I had gotten my brows done, I see a thinner bold brow. Between the two I don’t have a favorite since they both get the job done and give me a similar brow but I think my next method of grooming the brows will probably be decided based on the kind of brow look I want to go for.


Forever 21 Makeup first impressions

The other day I was at Forever standing in line at the checkout and I’ve always wondered if the makeup was any good. However, I always too chicken to find. Well, I ended up buying a bunch of their makeup and I have my opinions to share with you!

Skin perfecting primer – $6.90

While this product applied like a moisturizer on my face, it felt like it did absolutely nothing and when I applied a foundation on top, it looked like I had nothing underneath.

Contour Stick – $3.90

I will never understand the point of a 3-shaded contour stick and this one was no different. Especially since all three shades were glittery. Contour is not meant to be glittery and I don’t know why they decided to make the product in the first place, let alone put three contour shades in one stick. It did, however, blend very nicely.

Blush Stick – $2.90

While the shade of this stick is beautiful in Dusty Pink. When I tried to blend the product in, it blended into nothing.

Brow Palette – $3.90

This Dark Grey palette was pigmented. However, it was not up my alley at all with two powders for my brows.

Liquid Illuminator – $5.90

While the shade of this illuminator is beautiful, it wouldn’t blend, making it difficult to love.

Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner Set – $4.90

I was really disappointed in this Taupe duo. I basically couldn’t see the lip liner on my lips and the liquid lipstick was an incredibly thin formula for a liquid lipstick. Especially after I blotted, it became almost like I was wearing nothing. Wet n Wild has some WAY better liquid catsuits that are $3 and I would recommend those over this duo any day.

Baked Eyeshadow Palette – $8.90

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows was quite disappointing. The first image is two layers of eyeshadow and the second is one layer. The other thing I didn’t enjoy was how chalky and glitter chunky the eyeshadows were. Along with that, they were also hard with a protective later on then but after that first swatch, they felt like butter on my fingers. I don’t think that this palette is worth the money when you can get wet n wild quads for substantially cheaper.

IMG_8701 2.jpeg


All in One Mascara – $4.90

Being someone who is blessed with long lashes, as mascara doesn’t have to do much to work for me. However, this mascara took forever to dry and felt heavy upon application. However, it did do a great job lengthening. My wet leashes hit a part of my face that has never gotten mascara on it before Personally, I believe there are better drugstore options out there though that won’t feel heavy or take over 5 minutes to dry down.

Mermaid Cosmetic Brush Set – $14.90

These brushes were incredibly fluffy and I was only able to try them with creams. However, I do believe they will do just as good of a job applying and blending powders as well. I could’ve bought brushes for the same purposes at E.L.F. for $2 a piece.

Overall, these products were what I signed up for. They turned out to be disappointing and I would recommend spending your money elsewhere. Hopefully you find this review helpful! Let me know if you have any questions below or if you have used Forever 21 makeup and what your thoughts about the products are!

Are makeup subscription boxes worth the $$?

Hello! I know I’ve been on a long hiatus and I have to say I have a valid reason aside from school. I wanted to write about subscription boxes, but I wanted to try them out for a couple of months before giving you my opinion on the services.

So, for the past 3 months, I have been a subscriber to 3 different subscription boxes. In October & November I was just getting 2 and for December I got off the waitlist for the 3rd and now have 3 different boxes coming to me. The three boxes I have been subscribed to are Ipsy, BoxyCharm and Play!(Sephora).

Now, I know that it might seem like these subscriptions are just a scam to get you to spend money on stuff you won’t end up using but I have to say I have been LOVING some of the things that have been coming in my boxes and I would NOT have bought these products if they hadn’t come in my boxes.



  • Hanalei Papaya enzyme powder cleanser sample
  • Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow in Bronzed
  • Urban Decay eyeliner deluxe sample in Perversion
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Deluxe Mascara Sample
  • Firma Beauty 201 Tall Blender Brush


  • Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 spray sample
  • Nomad Cosmetics Brow Powder in Brunetta Brillante
  • Glamour dolls x Lisa Frank bitter & bronzed Bronzer
  • Tini Beauty barfly highlighter in Candlelight
  • Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lip in Baracuda


  • Smashbox eyeliner deluxe sample in Fishnet
  • Promise Organic Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub sample
  • Luxe Beauty Shader Onyx Brush 239
  • Wander Beauty Micro brow pencil in Dark Brown
  • Feel Brillant Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask (2)



  • Urban Decay quick fix spray deluxe sample
  • Makeup forever foundation sample y335
  • Sephora Micellar water sample (I purchased the full size of this product because I loved it so much!)
  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid flash brightening serum
  • Bye Bye under Eye illumination sample


  • Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara sample
  • Sephora gloss perfect nude sample
  • Origins clear improvement mask deluxe sample
  • Caudalie Thirst Quenching Serum sample
  • MoroccanOil Oil Treatment sample


Not arrived yet 😦



  • Beauté Basics Bronze Essentials
  • REALHER Blush Kit
  • Crown Pro Blush Brush
  • Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics My Lips are Sealed Liquid Lipstick in Particularly Sophisticated
  • Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

Overall, I have to say I am very happy with my boxes. However, if I were to rank them on best bang for the buck, the first would be BoxyCharm, then Ipsy and finally Play!. Hopefully seeing what came in these three boxes can give you an idea on which on you would be interested in. Let me know if you use any subscription boxes below or have any questions about the products I received.

Cleaning your makeup applicators!

Have you ever come to a time where you’ve used all your sponges and brushes to the point where there’s nothing clean to apply makeup onto your face? I’ve been there and I’ve done that. My secret to this issue is hoarding face brushes and beauty sponges so I can put it off as long as possible. However, some people are not as fortunate in owning 6 different face applicators. So, here’s my solution when I run out of clean applicators.

How to Clean brushes?

Honestly, you really don’t need some expensive brush shampoo in order to do your brushes the justice they need to restore them to their previous shape. All you need is some baby shampoo, water and you’re ready to go! I pour some shampoo on the back of my hand and then swirl the brush into it. Once the shampoo completely foams around the brush, I’ll rinse it out. I keep doing this system until the water is clean when I rinse the soap out of the brush. Once I know the brush is fully clean, I will swirl them on a water dry to get rid of any excess water on the brush. After that, I will lay it out to dry on a towel. I will do this process with all my brushes including face, lips, and eyes.

How to Clean sponges?

I have used liquid shampoo with my beauty sponges, however, I’ve found it’s easier to use a soap bar in order to do this. I will dampen the beauty blender and then swirl it in the soap. Once the beauty blender is fully covered in soap, I will rinse out on the product in it. I will keep repeating this process until my water is clear when I rinse out of the beauty blender. Once the sponge is clean, it’s basically ready to go but I let mine air dry with my other applicators.

Hopefully, this helps! Please do comment below if you have any questions!

Worth the purchase?

So, last weekend I spent an entire day cleaning all my makeup brushes and I hope you know that clean brushes means playing with new makeup and an obvi makeup review.

So, I decided to wander into my local Ulta last week as a “treat yo self” and don’t worry, I treated myself lol.

1. Nars Sheer Glow (Barcelona) – $47

My skin is as dry as a desert in the fall and winter. Due to that, I normally have to shop for a dewy foundation so that my face looks like it has some life. I’ve heard fantastic reviews about this foundation and decided to dabble in it and see if it’s worth the hype or not. It’s worth the hype for the kind of finish it provides, along with the selection of colors. Sometimes I feel the need to mix two foundations to find MY shade. However, they had my exact shade which was amazing for me. This foundation is a medium coverage foundation, so when I’m going for a full coverage look I’ll put a layer of the Marc Jacobs re(marc)able foundation underneath while Nars still makes my skin look amazing.

2. Stila Magnificent Metals (Smoky Storm) – $24

I’m not one to normally dabble in full-on glitter but this was something I had to try and get out of my comfort zone. I have to say that I love this liquid glitter when I want to take an eye look from alright to fabulous. I would highly suggest keeping a brush handy for blending and putting your eyeshadow and the glitter on your eyes first in case any specks travel elsewhere on your face, you can get rid of them without ruining the rest of your makeup.

3. Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray – $32

I love this spray not only for setting my face but also priming my face. It provides a hydrating base for me to start my makeup off of. I know it’s also used for replenishing but I’m a college student who normally doesn’t come home to refresh my makeup or want to carry around a bottle to spritz myself with in between classes. Hopefully Too Faced comes out with a travel size and then I probably will look into carrying it to school with me.

4. Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint (Birthday Suit) – $20

I am in LOVE with the formula of the liquid lipstick. Normally, most of the liquid lipsticks I’ve come across are drying, however, this one is incredibly creamy and the other impressive part is the fact that it’s non-transferrable. Both of those traits make it something I will keep reaching for and using.

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush (paaarty) – $29

I don’t enjoy using a lot of blush, it’s not really my thing and it’s even harder to come across blushes that I find would compliment my skin tone. However, this blush not only compliments but is long-wearing and is highly pigmented. I think this blush would go great on any skin tone.



My Fenty Thoughts

Now, I know that Rihanna’s makeup line has basically taken over the internet and that almost every person has done a review on her line but today I decided it’s my turn to share my thoughts with you on the products that I purchased.

1. Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer- $32

The primer was nice and felt like a moisturizer. It also had a nice, subtle smell and didn’t contain any silicone. Honestly, it’s a primer. As long as it feels good on my face and provides a good base for a foundation, there isn’t much that it can go wrong.

2. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation (300) – $34

It came out more liquidy than I was anticipating and it dries quickly. Due to this, I split my face into 2 and covered one half before doing the other side. I think this foundation would look good on someone who has oily skin but right now does not look very good on my dry skin. However, with 40 shades, you can’t NOT find your foundation.

3. Killawatt Highlighter (Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby) – $34

Provided an amazing highlight!

4. Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick (Rum) – $25

Provided a great brown/gold highlight!

5. Full-Bodied Foundation Brush – $34

This was a great foundation brush specifically with this foundation. It did a great job with the application and I would highly recommend it whether you’re a makeup newbie or have dabbled in quite a lot of makeup.

6. Precision Makeup Sponge – $16

This sponge is super soft and is a great dupe for the beauty blender. However, because it’s so soft it seemed to absorb more product than a beauty blender would. The sponge was used when it was wet and used primarily to blend in undereye concealer and blend out contour.

7. Match Stix Trio (Medium) – $54

This set came with two SkinSticks and one ShimmerStick. Overall, I think that the lighter SkinStick applied super drying under my eyes and would be better suited for someone with oily skin. However, the contour stick and ShimmerStick didn’t apply badly and blended out beautifully on my skin.

Overall, I’d recommend this brand and its products!

The Wedding Look

This past weekend I had the honor of attending the wedding of a close family friend’s daughter. As a result, I did my makeup for a true desi function and after posting a selfie on snapchat, I had a bunch of people ask me what products I used. So, here are the products I used and the techniques I did to create this look.IMG_8037.JPG

Before starting my makeup I cleansed using Origins Checks & Balances and moisturized using their zero oil moisturizer. After that, I put their GinZing eye cream under my eyes.

The process:

  1. When I’m doing an eye look, that’s normally what I start with. So, I took my primer and put it all over my eyes.
  2. After that, you need a soft transition color to start off the eyes. For this look, I used Warm Taupe. I kept blending this into my crease till I was satisfied with the intensity.
  3. After that, I took Primavera and put it on my lid.
  4. In order to blend the edges, I took a bit more Warm Taupe to blend in the crease and lid. 
  5. To slightly darken the look, I took Cyprus Umber on the outer corner of the eye and made circle motions for the shadow application.
  6. I took a clean blending brush and blended all the shadow lines together so that it looked seamless.
  7. Once the shadow was done, I moved on to the eyeliner. For this look, I just did a simple line on my eyelid.
  8. Now that the eyes were done, I primed my face using the Hangover RX primer.
  9. After that was done, I took my Born This Way foundation with a foundation brush and built it up to full coverage on my face.
  10. Next, I took my NARS concealer and applied it in a triangular motion under my eyes. I blended this in with a beauty blender
  11. At this point, I set my entire face using my translucent setting powder.
  12. Next comes brows. I outlined the bottom and top of my brow and lightly fill them in a feather-like approach to make it look as natural as possible.
  13. After the brows comes bronzing. I used my bronzer all over my face to warm it up and give it a little bit of color.
  14. Once that’s done, it’s time to pink up the cheeks a little bit. I took my blush and very lightly applied it onto the apples of my cheek to give it a natural look.
  15. Highlighting is the very last face step of this process. I took my wet n wild highlighter and applied it on my brow bone, the tops of my cheeks and on the tip of my nose to bring light to the high points of my face.
  16. To finish up the eyes I applied a layer of the Lash Paradise to my top and bottom lashes.
  17. To complete the entire look I took my Whirl lip liner to line my lips and then applied the Wet n Wild liquid lipstick to fill in my lips.

This is how I created the look above and the full names of the products I used are listed below. If you end up re-creating this look send me a pic!


Maybelline Masterprime

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Pen in 01 Blackest Black

Voluminous Lash Paradise by L’Oréal


Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil in 225 Soft Black


Too Faced Hangover RX primer

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Sand

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep

Revlon Blush in 006 Naughty Nude

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard

Wet n Wild Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder


MAC Lip Liner in Whirl

Wet n Wild megalast Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose