The REAL deal with hyperpigmentation

Acne is taboo in some situations. We all have had at least a zit or two but no one ever actually talks about it. I have been struggling with acne since I was 12 years old and I remember looking around and seeing none of my peers having the same issues I was. I would pop my zits and then it would leave scars on my face. I was so embarrassed about the scars that at 13 I started trying out different concealers to hide my scarring (none of them matching my skin because LOL drugstore colors matching a brown girl) and then by the time I was 15 I had a full face of foundation on because that was the only way I would feel beautiful. I carried around a lot of shame for my scarred skin and that continued for years. It probably wasn’t until my third year of college and I was 21 years old that I started going out to the grocery store without makeup and hanging out with friends and not wearing makeup. I finally felt OKAY with my scarring and being proud of how far I had come from when it at all started.

Now, I know you’re probably wondering where this story is going and I promise there’s more to it. I think as a woman of color struggling with it I need to bring more awareness about this because people should be PROUD of their skin. Back in my senior year of high school my acne had calmed down and I was seeing a dermatologist who was recommending products to me and I took her word because she was a brown woman and obviously would know what would work for my hyperpigmentation. However, this past break I was talking to my aesthetician (Challis Stephans if you’re in the Redmond, WA area she’s the BEST!) and we were discussing products for women of color for hyperpigmentation and I found out that the products my original dermatologist had recommended were actually wrong for brown women, that’s why they never worked LOL. I realized even if someone is a similar skin tone to me unless they actually have struggled with the same issues, they won’t actually know what would work. The reasoning behind hyperpigmentation is due to the extra melanin in your skin, which I found interesting since that extra melanin is also what gives you a natural layer of protection from the sun.

I really hope this brought some awareness to something people should embrace. They are YOUR battle scars and no one else can understand your struggle.

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