Cleaning your makeup applicators!

Have you ever come to a time where you’ve used all your sponges and brushes to the point where there’s nothing clean to apply makeup onto your face? I’ve been there and I’ve done that. My secret to this issue is hoarding face brushes and beauty sponges so I can put it off as long as possible. However, some people are not as fortunate in owning 6 different face applicators. So, here’s my solution when I run out of clean applicators.

How to Clean brushes?

Honestly, you really don’t need some expensive brush shampoo in order to do your brushes the justice they need to restore them to their previous shape. All you need is some baby shampoo, water and you’re ready to go! I pour some shampoo on the back of my hand and then swirl the brush into it. Once the shampoo completely foams around the brush, I’ll rinse it out. I keep doing this system until the water is clean when I rinse the soap out of the brush. Once I know the brush is fully clean, I will swirl them on a water dry to get rid of any excess water on the brush. After that, I will lay it out to dry on a towel. I will do this process with all my brushes including face, lips, and eyes.

How to Clean sponges?

I have used liquid shampoo with my beauty sponges, however, I’ve found it’s easier to use a soap bar in order to do this. I will dampen the beauty blender and then swirl it in the soap. Once the beauty blender is fully covered in soap, I will rinse out on the product in it. I will keep repeating this process until my water is clear when I rinse out of the beauty blender. Once the sponge is clean, it’s basically ready to go but I let mine air dry with my other applicators.

Hopefully, this helps! Please do comment below if you have any questions!

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