Is it reMARCable?

Summer is the time for brands to come out with products. This summer was no exception to that. As a result, I spent a lot of summer dabbling in products and trying to figure out what I love and what I don’t love.

The Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation was my first summer product that I tested. Quite frankly I loved it. I don’t love many foundations and I normally can’t check all the boxes but this foundation definitely did it for me. Not only does it hold up after a sweaty workout in the gym but it also won’t come off in the shower. If in those two situations it holds, $55 for a foundation is totally worth it.

However, the one con about this foundation is its method of application. It doesn’t have a pump and there’s no way to pour the product into your hand. As a result, you have to take the applicator from the bottle and put it directly on your face everytime you want to put on some foundation. For me, this isn’t a huge issue since I normally wash my face before doing my makeup. However, this is a sanitary issue.

I would give this foundation a 4.5/5 and the shade I am is Golden Bisque.


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