5 Summer Makeup Essentials


  1. Sunscreen – always have a fresh layer of sunscreen on under your makeup even if your foundation has SPF in it. Also, make sure you always have some on you to reapply.
  2. Light Foundation or BB Cream – I’m a full coverage girl so I love the Too Faced Born this Way since it’s a lightweight full coverage foundation. However, if you’re looking at BB cream, I’d recommend Smashbox or the Garnier Fructis BB cream.
  3. Tinted chapstick – Summer is the time where you’re always drinking something and a tinted chapstick is the way to go since it moisturizes but also gives your lips a bit of color.
  4. Water – I understand that isn’t actually a makeup product but constantly staying hydrated is extremely important for your skin to stay clear and hydrated. Rather than dry and problematic.
  5. Blotting papers – Sweating & oil go hand in hand over the summer. The perfect way to keep your look staying the same way as when you first did your makeup is keeping blotting sheets and blotting periodically to get rid of anything excess on your face!

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