My Skincare Routine

Ever since I got back from Thailand in January, I’ve been struggling with some severe dry skin issues and I’ve finally gone through enough trial & errors to come up with the perfect skincare routine and I’m going to share that with you.

Originally for my dry skin, I would put a layer of Aquaphor on my face and go to bed with an intensive hydration mask. However, over time I discovered that this didn’t actually help since even though I massaged the excess into my skin, I still ended up having dry patches that I couldn’t solve.

After that, I went back to a tried & true brand of skincare called Origins. Back when I had terrible acne in middle & high school, I had used their products and found that they were great with my sensitive skin but not tough enough for how bad my acne was. So, for a couple of years, I used products that my dermatologist recommended and they worked, but they were expensive.

Now, I’ve decided to go back to something familiar for hydrating my skin and it’s been working out great for me!

I start off by washing my makeup off with Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser.

After that I put on the Origin’s Night-a-mins.

However, every third night I put on Drink Up which is an intensive hydration mask.

Along with that, every two nights, I use Origin’s Modern Friction to smooth out the texture of my skin and to get rid of any dead skin on the surface of my face.

This skincare routine has been working for me and I wanted to share since the seasons are changing and skincare will be changing as well!

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