A concept people are either extremely familiar with or lack knowledge about is coverage.  A person can walk into a makeup store and based on a number of blemishes they have, decide what kind of foundation you need. However, there’s more to the foundation than just that.


On the left is the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and the right is the Smashbox Studio Skin foundation.


In this particular picture, I have a swatch of two different foundations to show their differences. As you can tell, one foundation covers more than the other. If you need what the left looks like, you might have a ton of acne/acne scarring or you like the matte look on your skin. Matte means a one-tone look. However, if you like the look of the right one better, you like a more light-medium coverage foundation and a dewy look for your skin. Dewy means a fresh and youthful look. Neither option is wrong. Everyone’s skin is different and people have different preferences.

I’ve included a picture below to show the side-by-side comparison and give a look to the name.

matte vs. dewy
Hayden Panettiere (left) has the dewy look Taylor Swift (right) has the matte look.


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