The Basics

Whenever I hear “The Basics”, I think of writing. Where do those basics start? Maybe grammar, constructing sentences or even spelling. However, in this particular point of view, it will be about the basics of makeup. What do you think is “The Basics” of makeup? Now, it’s actually going to be the base of your face. Before you put on makeup, what goes on first? Maybe a moisturizer? Yes. But you’re also forgetting a couple of steps along the way. Applying makeup can be a long process, but it’ll feel like a breeze once it becomes a habit.

First, you actually want to start off with washing your face. This will make sure your natural oils are in check for a fresh start. After that, use a light moisturizer and some SPF to do your skin wonders. Finally, get a face primer. Now, I know you’re wondering what the point of a primer is when there’s moisturizer.  I use to wonder the same thing too. So, let me explain it to you. Moisturizer and SPF are about nourishing and protecting your skin, a primer is about providing something for the makeup to stick on. Along with that, there are pore-filling and color-correcting primers to name a few. Those can help change the appearance of the natural skin and minimize pores. After this, you use a foundation on top to even out your skin tone (foundation matching tips coming soon). Lastly, conceal what blemishes you don’t want to be seen and put some concealer under your eyes because you’re probably losing sleep staying fabulous. Set all of the foundation and concealer with a powder to make sure it stays in place all day. After all these steps take place, you have the perfect “canvas” for a masterpiece. Makeup is an art and your face is the masterpiece. Make sure to keep your head up and to be proud of your work!makeup

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