My Introduction

makeupI’ve been a dancer since I can even remember. Dancing means performances and performances mean makeup. Makeup was always a word I associated with special events where I would see hundreds of people staring and me while I performed.

However, the thought of makeup changed when I was in 6th grade and got my very first zit. Everyone around me had flawless skin and I wanted to cover up my blemish. I first started dabbling in concealer and using myself as a guinea pig for different ways to conceal things. Next came eyeliner. One day, I snuck into my mom’s makeup drawer and started playing with eyeliner and my waterline to see how it made my eyes look smaller vs. eyeliner on top made it bigger. After that, I discovered the wonders of foundation and how it could even out the skin tone of my entire face.

Now if you know me, you know how much I love my makeup. Along with that, you’ve probably seen my giant collection either in my bathroom or on my desk. Being a brown girl that loves makeup can be difficult. This is why I’ve decided to share my tips & tricks to beauty along with product reviews.

This is my makeup journey and welcome to it.

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